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Welcome to The Studio

Photography and Event Space

360 Main St. Middletown, CT

      Our studio is flooded with gorgeous natural light, from sunrise to sunset. We are the largest studio available in the area with 1,000 square feet in the main space alone. Our 40 feet of windows across the South and West walls, allow plenty of ambient light to sculpt your subject. Equipped with beautiful set pieces and backdrops, a beauty bar, dressing room, full kitchen and incredible views - our studio is a place you'll feel right at home.


    We are located centrally on Main street, just steps away from incredible restaurants, historic store fronts, and the river views at Harbor Park.

Rental information

Weekday Rates: $40 per hour, four hour minimum

Weekend Rates: $50 per hour, four hour minimum

Hours after 9pm: +$10 per hour

*updated  10/1/23

Ready to book? The following link will take care of you! Select the number of hours you will need, and it will show you the days that have adequate availability. Still have some questions? Contact us on Instagram @The_Studio_Middletown.



All bookings include access to:


~ studio props and set pieces

~ backdrops, including seamless paper, and painted canvas

~ the beauty bar for hair and makeup prep

~ dressing room

~ lounge area and meeting table for client consults and planning



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